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Panic Attack Belgian-Style Specialty

Belgian style ale with a subtle hint of spice clocking in at 10%

Eye popping flavor from a blend of Canadian malted barley, Goldings hops, and a unique flavorful Belgian yeast strain. Serve it up in a goblet or wine glass and remember try and relax!!

Unfiltered, unpasteurized and with just a hint of spice this beer is meant to be savored slowly so as to enjoy the aroma as well as the taste. Vintage dated, excellent now but even finer as it ages 2-3 years.

Available in

4 Pack Bottles

1/6 kegs

1/2 kegs

REVIEW [Panic Attack] – All About Beer Magazine

This is a big beer, a pale copper color, thick foam and a nose that has rich citrus/tangerine fruit, biscuity malt and a touch of honey. Tart fruit builds in the mouth, balancing spicy hop resins, rich honey and malt. Bitter hops bounce back in the finish but there are generous contributions from creamy malt, fruit and luscious sweet honey. This is a Belgian-style tripel with a twist of honey.
– Roger Protz

As the beer pours into the glass, a hazy honey-orange, I catch an aroma from the glass. Or, rather, 10 aromas. Cloves? Mint? Orange peel? The label lists no spices, but the beer smells like Worcestershire sauce and Angostura bitters. The palate opens up sweet, with a burst of cinnamon and striped candies, then dries into a long, slightly acidic alcoholic finish. The label says “Belgian-style,” but I’ve never had a Belgian beer anything like this. I’m not sure it all works, but some fresh goat cheese would pull all the raucous elements together.
– Garrett Oliver

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