"Collaborative Brewing"...

supporting Local, Regional, and National across our great nation!

What is collaborative brewing and how does it work? Let’s discuss…

Imagine a small, local, and independent brewery that has created and taken to market some great award winning beers. As these beers become more and more popular and as the demand increases, this small brewery just can’t produce enough beer to satisfy the growing demand. So what’s a brewery to do??? That’s where collaborative brewing comes into play.

You search far and wide for a top notch brewery or breweries that are willing to “collaborate” with you to re-produce your great brews EXACTLY the way you would brew them yourselves – from the ingredients used, to all of the specific nuances and characteristics that made your beers so great in the first place…

This is what Holy Mackerel does. Creating quality brews with quality ingredients for all to experience. Utilizing the finest ingredients available anywhere. And most importantly – partnering up with only the highest rated breweries in the US to enable us to re-create these recipes and bring these great brews to your favorite restaurant, bar, and store near you.

SUPPORTING LOCAL, REGIONAL, NATIONAL… supporting the local economy by utilizing local wholesalers that take our products to market. Supporting the regional economy by sourcing great manufacturing companies to brew our beers. And supporting the national economy by hiring truckers to ship these great products to all of our wholesalers. This is what collaborative brewing is all about.

So, next time you crack open a bottle or have a draft poured for you of Holy Mackerel Small Batch Beers, lets toast to everyone from all over the country that helps to make this happen…


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